The Technology Vibe


Our entire world is going digital, and even the older generation – our parents and grandparents – are now walking around, snapping images with their smart-phones, absorbing technology into their everyday lives. The truth is, technology has become an integral part of our very existence, enriching our daily experiences and making the impossible quite possible.

As one might expect, the world of dentistry is no exception. As dental professionals look to bring the newest technology into their practices, they are able to offer more advanced, more streamlined (and certainly typically less painful!) services to their growing clientele. The real question is: are all the dentists up to the task of properly and efficiently integrating the newest technology into their existing practices?

Today, as many dental practitioners have realized, the integration of technology into practice requires a highly focused and specific approach, since technology hardly replaces a personal touch many dentists have continuously offered to their long-term clients; rather, it aims to enhance the experience, making the patient feel even more at ease.

One specific office that has always strived to stay ahead of the game when it came to introducing technology into their practice is Dental Beauty, a highly-advanced gem of a dental practice situated in a quiet suburban town of Feasterville, PA, just miles outside of Philadelphia. The management team at Dental Beauty quickly realized that technology is largely an investment of time and finances, but even more importantly – it is very much a matter of human adoption, and that is precisely where they’ve excelled, bringing success and new patients to their office.

In particular, one of the newest gadgets introduced by the dentists at Dental Beauty – which instantly made them a standout among the local practitioners – was the DentalVibe. A cordless, handheld device that uses revolutionary VibraPulse technology, DentalVibe sends soothing pulsations into the oral cavity during the injection process, ensuring that the patients experience virtually no pain during their procedures. As incredible as it sounds, in essence, the vibrations released by the DentalVibe reach the sensory area of the brain faster than the pain of the injection does. Result – the patient literally has no time to feel the pain, rather feeling the vibrations instead!

As most patients know, one of the worst – and often times most feared – parts of any dental visit is the pain associated with the injection prior to many procedures. Dental Beauty has become one of the few offices where the patients literally fear no pain, which certainly goes a long way toward building a lasting relationship.

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