When Should I Replace My Dental Veneers?


Dental veneers are an effective way to address dental cosmetic problems. Veneers offer an excellent option for those looking to straighten, whiten, or improve the overall appearance of a smile.

It is important to realize that although dental veneers are extremely durable, they will eventually need to be replaced. Here are some common signs that it may be time to replace your dental veneers:

Your Veneers Are Coming Loose

Many times the dental cement used to attach your veneers to the teeth may begin to degrade. This leads to the veneer coming loose and separating from the tooth. Once a veneer starts to detach from the tooth, it allows plaque and harmful bacteria to build up beneath the veneer. This can cause multiple problems that will eventually lead to damaged teeth.

Tooth Decay

Dental veneers are strong and durable, yet your teeth below them are still susceptible to decay. If a tooth begins to deteriorate, this will lead to the separation of the veneer from the tooth. It is essential to regularly visit your dentist to ensure your teeth’ health, even if you have dental veneers.

Gum Separation

Gum disease can cause a host of problems, including the separation of your veneers from your teeth. Once a gum begins to recede, it will create an unsightly gap between your gums and dental veneers. Proper dental hygiene should be followed to avoid gum decay.

Improper Application

If your initial application of dental veneers was not performed correctly, this could cause long-term problems, including a detachment of the veneers from the teeth. Veneers require some of the tooth enamel to be removed and thorough measurements of your mouth to be taken. Finally, the proper dental cement should be used to guarantee that the veneers remain securely fixed on the teeth. If a dentist did not perform one of the above procedures when your veneers were given, you could be replacing your veneers sooner rather than later.

Damage to the Veneer

Despite being durable, veneers can still be damaged with chips or staining. If your veneers are damaged, it is important to get them replaced.

Replacement of Your Dental Veneers

Replacing your veneers is comparable to the initial fitting and installation. The veneers and original bonding agent will be removed. A new molding of your mouth will be taken, allowing for a new veneer to be made and attached to your teeth.

Dental Beauty is dedicated to making sure you can smile with confidence. Our dentists will take the time to explain all the treatment options available to you at the time of veneer replacement. If your teeth or dental veneers are damaged, contact us now! Small dental issues can turn into large dental problems without the proper care and maintenance of your smile.