At Dental Beauty, our customers appreciate cost-effective options for tooth replacement. That’s why we create dentures that Bucks County residents can afford. We provide several types of dentures made to look and feel natural. With the latest technology, you can get dentures that won’t interfere with talking or eating your favorite foods.

We accept most insurance plans. We also accept payment from most PPO and indemnity plans. Please call us to make an appointment and we will answer any questions you may have.


Types of Dentures

Dentures consist of traditional partial and full dentures as well as denture implants. Learn more about each kind below.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures fill in the gaps caused by missing teeth. You can unclip and remove them for cleaning and bedtime.

Temporary Dentures

Your dentist may recommend temporary dentures after you have teeth removed. This decreases pressure on natural teeth as your mouth heals and you wait for your permanent dentures to arrive.

Flexible Dentures

Flexible dentures are partial dentures made of special material, such as nylon or another thin thermoplastic. They are thinner and more versatile than acrylic dentures.
Some wearers find flexible dentures easier to wear than options with metal parts. Additionally, these dentures look more natural than metal and acrylic ones.

Fixed or Cantilever Bridge

A fixed bridge involves cementing an artificial tooth or crown in place via surgery. A cantilever bridge replaces a missing molar when there are no teeth to support the bridge on a particular side. The dentist uses the teeth on the other side to support the cantilever bridge.

Denture Implants

Denture implants include an implant that imitates a tooth root. Your dentist surgically implants it into your jaw where it fuses in place. Some implants are loaded with a false tooth immediately or within six months after surgery.
Implant-supported dentures consist of a crown attached to surgical implants. The dentist secures the crown for implant supported fixed dentures with screws.

Snap-On Dentures

Snap-on dentures snap on and off dental implants fused to your jawbone. They remain secure and won’t come loose while you eat.

Am I a Good Candidate for Dentures?

If you are missing teeth and require an affordable solution, dentures may work for you. Full and partial dentures restore chewing function and create a natural-looking smile. Schedule a consultation to discuss your options.

Getting Fitted for Dentures

If you’ve decided that you are interested in getting fitted for dentures, first, you will come to our Feasterville, PA, office for a consultation. The next step is removing damaged and decayed teeth so we can take a mold of your gum line and the roof of your mouth. A dental lab makes your dentures using this mold as a guide.

Special Instructions for New Dentures

Removable dentures must be removed and brushed every day to avoid bacterial buildup. Keep your dentures in water to prevent warping and follow your dentist’s instructions regarding wear and care.

Where Can I Get My Dentures Repaired?

Dental Beauty also performs denture repair near you. We proudly serve our clients in Feasterville, Warminster, Southampton, Lansdale, Warrington, Chalfont, Doylestown, Yardley, and other areas in southeast PA.

Denture Dentist Near Me

Dental Beauty, located in Feasterville, PA, installs all forms of dentures, dental implantscrowns and bridges. We provide a variety of dental services, including cosmetic dentistry, fillings, and more. If you live in Bucks County, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

What Are Dental Implants?

Full dental implants are replacements for both the missing tooth and the missing root. Unlike dentures or bridges, dental implants are inserted into the gum, replacing both the root and the tooth.

Dental implants can be categorized as restorative dentistry surgery, as they contribute to your mouth’s health.

The dental implant begins with inserting a titanium screw into the jaw. This stimulates the jaw’s bone growth and reduces the “thinning” that can happen when teeth are missing. Once this has healed, the “cap” tooth is fitted into place, and can often be colored to match the surrounding teeth.

With dental implants, you can bite, speak, and chew regularly. Plus, the implant keeps other teeth from shifting in the mouth and maintains oral health. At Dental Beauty, we offer our patients affordable dental implants so they can get the smile they deserve at a cost that aligns with their budget!

Types of Dental Implants

There are a few types of dental implants, and your Bucks County dentist can help you determine which one is best for your mouth. Also, some patients may need to have bone grafting performed on the jaw to support the implant. This can include bone augmentation or a sinus lift, adding bone below the sinus where it’s deteriorated due to missing back teeth on the upper part of the jaw.

  • Subperiosteal dental implants are placed under the gum, and either on or above the jawbone. This type of implant is best for people who don’t have a healthy enough jawbone and don’t want to or cannot undergo bone augmentation procedures to rebuild it.
  • Endosteal dental implants are placed directly in the jawbone. These use the titanium screw implant and are the most common type of implant.

FAQs About Dental Implants

Here are some common questions we hear about dental implants:

Does dental insurance cover implants?

Many dental insurance companies consider implants to be a cosmetic dentistry procedure, and therefore may not provide coverage. We can work with your insurance to help determine if this is a medically necessary procedure. If you’re considering dental implants, you may wish to look for a new dental policy that does cover the procedure before booking the appointment.

Does PA Medicaid cover dental implants?

Traditional Medicaid, which is Medicaid Part A and Medicaid Part B, does not cover dental implants. However, some supplemental Medicaid insurance plans, called Medicare Advantage Plans, may cover dental implants. Private insurance companies provide these plans, and each plan varies on coverage.

How much do dental implants cost in PA?

Depending on the number of implants you need and whether you need bone grafting procedures, the costs can vary widely. Consult one of our dentists for more information regarding an accurate assessment.

Affordable Full Dental Implants in Feasterville, PA

Are you ready for a full, radiant smile? Dental Beauty can help! Specialists in our Feasterville, PA, office perform dental implant surgeries and can custom-make an implant that looks just like your regular teeth. Enjoy the relief of having a secure tooth replacement with our dental implants today! Give us a call or visit us online for more information.

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