CT Scan For Dental Implants


In the past, dentists had to rely solely on standard x-rays to determine implant placement that, unfortunately, only provided them a 2 dimensional view. Thanks to the advancement of modern technology, we now have the ability to utilize a Computerized Tomography Scan or in simple terms a CT scan to give us a 3D look of the jaw. Whereas standard x-rays only give dentists a 2D view at the jaw, a CT allows dental surgeons to not only have a 3D look but also figure out the quality and quantity of the bone. It also helps them to visualize exactly how the procedure is to be done, something that is useful to both them and their patients. CT scans will one day become the defacto standard for state of the art imagery in dental implant diagnosis and treatment planning.

When planning to undergo tooth replacement implant procedures, it is important for the dentist to understand the volume of bone, density of bone, and the presence of important anatomical structures such as nerves and sinuses in the proposed implant placement sites. For these reasons a CT scan of the jaw will allow us to accurately determine the best location, angulation, diameter and length of the implants to be placed. Surgical guides prepared with the aid of the CT scan can allow quick, efficient placement of the implants during the actual surgical procedure, thereby increasing patient comfort and confidence. Three-dimensional models created from the CT scan also enable the dental laboratory to custom-fabricate dental appliances or make restorations; both temporary and permanent that can be fitted on to the implants right after the implants are placed.

At Dental Beauty we are proud to provide our patients the latest in implant diagnosis and treatment planning by using CT scan results prior to implant placement. We are one of the most innovative and modern facilities in the Greater Philadelphia and Bucks area to offer coordinated CT Scans for Implant diagnosis and treatment.