Pinhole Gum Surgery

Dental Beauty is now offering Pinhole Gum surgery for anyone suffering from a receding gum line. We are only the second dental office in the Philadelphia conglomerate to offer it and our specialists are trained to fix your gum line with minimal discomfort to you.

Pinhole Gum surgery was developed by Dr. Chao who now goes around teaching dentists on this procedure. Our very own Dr. Kurudimov was taught by Dr. Chao himself, and is now certified in this revolutionary procedure.

Pinhole surgery replaces traditional graft procedures to help remedy gingival gum deterioration. Gum deterioration can lead to your tooth detaching from your gum and even complete loss of teeth. Severe gum deterioration will lead to a need for dentures. What Pinhole surgery does is take away the risk and immense pain that gum grafting involves. While many dentists and orthodontists only recommend gum grafting surgery if the case is severe, with expected tooth loss imminent, pinhole surgery is far less painful and can fix the problem before it get to the point of possible tooth loss.

The procedure involves a small incision on the gum, small enough to not normally require stiches, and unlike with grafting, will not require a long and painful recovery period. It is a minimally invasive procedure that can proactively help with gum loss instead of waiting until the situation worsens.

If the patient is suffering form inflammation or periodontal disease it can result in a cancellation or delay in procedure. Additionally, after the procedure, certain types of brushing will need to be modified. Any patients who have a history of grinding their teeth will be instructed to wear a protective mouth guard.

If you have any questions or feel Pinhole Surgery may be a good fit for you, make an appointment with us by calling 1-215-703-9090.