At Dental Beauty, we are committed to helping you achieve the smile that provides you the confidence and happiness you deserve! When you turn to our experienced orthodontists, we’ll examine your current oral status, review all treatment options with you, and work diligently to meet your goals while staying within budget. When you make an appointment for consultation, we’ll address any concerns you may have and evaluate you on the best orthodontic solutions for you.

Braces Appointments & Consultations

If you have misaligned teeth, braces might resolve your issues, improve your bite, and elevate your smile. When you visit our office for the braces consultation, your orthodontist evaluates your teeth and gums to determine a recommended course of action.

If your teeth are only slightly misaligned, you might benefit from Invisalign — a minimally invasive treatment that works more quickly than braces without requiring wires, brackets, or rubber bands. We will help you carefully review the timeline, costs, as well as the pros and cons of each option to realign your teeth before you make a final decision.

Initial Consultation

If you already have impressions or X-rays taken within the past 12 months, we ask you to bring them to your orthodontist consultation. The orthodontist may go over your dental records, medical history, and X-rays for signs of complications that may arise if you get braces.

During your appointment, the orthodontist may recommend that you wear braces to align your teeth. If so, they also discuss the cost of all treatment options, whether they recommend any extractions, and whether you need to see a periodontics specialist for issues with the tissues and bone structures that support your teeth.

Scheduling Your Impressions and Fitting

If you agree with the orthodontist’s recommendation after your braces consultation, then you can schedule an appointment to take impressions and get fitted for your braces. Depending upon availability, you may be able to get your impressions and fitting done on the day of your initial consultation.

Dental impressions are typically created using a thick, viscous liquid poured into an impression tray shaped to fit into your mouth. You may have to sign additional permission forms and answer a few more questions. This process is the same for braces and Invisalign; after we take your impressions, you are ready to schedule your next visit where you receive your aligners or have your braces installed.

Payment Options

We accept most major insurance carriers. For self-pay clients, we also accept credit cards, personal checks, and cash. We even partner with a third party to arrange for payment plans that work for you. We work hard to accommodate our clients so that you don’t have to delay your smile renovation.

Contact Us Today

Contact Dental Beauty today to make an appointment for an orthodontist consultation. You can make your appointment online or call us at (215) 703-9090 today to get started. Our modern office is clean and accessible to our clients in Feasterville and the surrounding areas, including Lansdale, Warminster, Warrington, Southampton, Doylestown, Chalfont, and Yardley. You can expect a short wait in the lobby and courteous treatment throughout your time with us.