Dental Bonding

When you have discolored, damaged, or spaced teeth, it can be a huge blow to your confidence. At Dental Beauty, you can access quality tooth bonding services to improve the appearance of stained, cracked, broken teeth or those with spaces between them. Cosmetic dental bonding is easy, inexpensive, and can correct a variety of dental issues.

Teeth Bonding for Gaps

There are several dental procedures that can fix gaps that result from spaced or missing teeth. Bonding is one of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures for this issue.

This procedure is fairly straightforward. Your dentist will choose a shade of bonding material that matches your teeth and prepare the surface of your teeth to receive the material. To make it easy for the composite resin to bond, the dental expert will etch the surface of your teeth and apply a conditioning liquid. Once the material is applied, the dentist will mold it into the desired shape and use ultraviolet light to harden it into place. Lastly, the material is polished to keep it from causing irritation on the inside of your lips.

Although this procedure can help to fix gaps between teeth, it cannot replace orthodontic treatment. Your dentist will examine you to determine whether you need to see an orthodontist. Your dentist’s decision will depend on the nature of your problem and if there are other dental problems besides the gap.

Is Teeth Bonding Right for Me?

There are some lifestyle considerations to keep in mind when deciding if bonding is right for you. The composite resin may become stained if you drink coffee or smoke cigarettes regularly. In such cases, your dentist may recommend using porcelain veneers to close the gap. Because the bonding material is not as strong as natural teeth, it will not last long if you chew on pens or bite your fingernails.

How Long Does Teeth Bonding Last?

Tooth bonding is a simple dental procedure that does not require multiple visits to the dentist. However, the composite resin used during the procedure does not last as long as veneers. The good news is that with proper oral hygiene and extra care, bonded teeth can last between three and ten years before being retouched or replaced. As such, you should avoid any habits that increase the risk of the bonding material chipping.

Other Treatment Options for Damaged or Missing Teeth

Apart from bonding, Dental Beauty offers other cosmetic dental procedures that can address gaps and chips in teeth. These include crowns and bridges, implants, dentures, and dental veneers. We will look at the gap and consider your unique needs to identify the most effective treatment option.

Why Choose Us?

At Dental Beauty, we are committed to providing complete oral health and prioritizing patient comfort to ensure your satisfaction. All of our cosmetic dentistry specialists are friendly and professional and will work to ease your anxieties and address all of your concerns.

When you need high-quality dental bonding, trust Dental Beauty to do the procedure correctly. We also offer other cosmetic dentistry procedures to help improve your appearance and restore your confidence. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.